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Alberta Surface Rights Group Annual General Meeting

Alberta Surface Rights Group Annual General Meeting

Innisfail Legion on main street at 7 pm, on February 19th/2013

Election of the Board of Directors

Admission: $5-members $10- non members $100- Industry & government regulators.

Come out and learn some practical information for negotiating annual rental reviews.

For those that don’t know recently the Alberta government passed legislation, Bill 2- the Responsible Energy Development Act, that will fundamentally change the way you negotiate surface leases, pipeline right of ways, and annual rent. We further expect amendments to the Surface Rights Act, will be proposed in the spring session of the Alberta legislature that will further erode your ability to obtain a fair negotiated price for your surface property.

It is important that you understand that with the passage of the Responsible Energy Development Act, you have lost your basic rights to object to a project, your right to a hearing, and your right to appeal an environmental decision.

Many leading property rights lawyers, including law professors at the U of A and the U of C, are raising the alarm that this is an unprecedented cancellation of fundamental property rights.

It is our belief that this legislation is going to cause problems out in the countryside. We have expressed our concerns to Alberta Energy Minister Ken Hughes, Environment & Sustainable Resources Minister Dianna McQueen, and Premier Allison Redford.

The way you negotiate a surface lease, a pipeline right of way, and annual rent is about to change in a dramatic way……and it likely won’t be in a good way for you, the landowner!


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