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After Bill 2?

After Bill 2, What’s Next?

Bill 2 the Responsible Energy Development Act will be implemented on June 30, 2013. This legislation was rammed through the legislature…….without any rules or regulations in place!

What it amounted to was signing a blank check, with the amount to be filled in at the government’s leasure.

Now Energy Minister Ken Hughes is holding “consultations” to get feedback on what rules and regulations should be in place. Let the people decide….let’s get it right……let’s make sure we protect the peasants!

Okay…….if you buy that……come and see me for some ocean front property at Hanna! I’m sorry, this little dog and pony show is nothing more than smoke and mirrors so they can say they consulted you ……….while they quietly lift your wallet out of your back pocket! ……Remember the “Property Rights Task Force”? Remember how they listened so hard and implemented what they heard? Expect the Bill 2 “consultations” to be more of the same!

The government has indicated they will be introducing “amendments” to the Surface Rights Act in the spring sitting of the legislature. What could those be? Do you think they might be changes that strengthen and protect your rights? Maybe give you better and fairer compensation? Maybe put in environmental protections for your water and land? Maybe force the oil & gas companies to operate in a responsible manner?

I suspect these “amendments” will be setting a “one price fits all” for surface leases and pipeline right of ways…….set by the new Alberta Regulator! Adverse effect and loss of use……the same in Hanna as in Lacombe! Land prices set at the assessed municipal value (instead of fair market value)!

I further suspect we might see the “entry fee” repealed. The “entry fee” is $500/acre and was supposed to compensate the landowner for basically being forced to allow mineral extraction and transportation on his land. It was supposed to bring some fairness into a situation where the surface land owner had little say on what happened on his land.

I am sure there will be some more surprizes that most of us can’t even contemplate, but one thing I am fairly certain of, is they won’t be in our favour!

The Stelmach government and now the Redford government  have shown very clearly they will throw the landowners under the bus, for their cronies in the Oil Patch. The senior bureaucrats in this government are firmly in bed with the energy industry, and in reality they are the government! The Stelmachs and Redfords are really nothing more than puppets, dancing on a string to amuse us!

We need regime change…….but that doesn’t just mean Alison Redford? It means the whole rotten crew!

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