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Alberta Surface Rights Group AGM Report

The Alberta Surface Rights Group Society held it's AGM on February 19th, 2013 at the Innisfail Legion.

President Kevin Niemi turned the meeting over to meeting chair Willie Moran.

A presentation of the "Year in Review" was heard.

A presentation on "Negotiating Annual Rent Reviews" was heard.

A brief review of Bill 2, the Responsible Energy Development Act, was given and questions and answers followed. The general consencus was this was very bad legislation for landowners and property rights.

The election of the 2013 board and executive is as follows:

President                          Don Bester

Vice President                 Don Brecknock

Treasurer                         Joan Schmelke

Secretary                          Pat Denis

Directors at Large

Glennis Christian

Tim Kohler

Marvin Latimer

Willie Moran

Kevin Niemi

Glenn Norman

Rob Schwartz

Blaine Staples

Gary Adam

Wilhelm Vos

Rob Nanninga

Roy Sparks

Retiring directors

Doug Malsbury

Larry Howard

Shirley Adam

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