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Wildrose Comes Out With Property Rights Policy Statement

Nothing is more fundamental for government than protecting the property rights of citizens, but the current PC government has utterly failed at this essential task.

Today, in High River,
the Wildrose Caucus released our Property Rights policy. As with our previous policies, we have also made a video version.

Our policy includes the following actions a Wildrose government will take:

As a grassroots party, we rely on supporters like you to get the message out to your family, friends, and acquaintances about Wildrose and our policies. If there are any Albertans you think should know about the perilous state of property rights in Alberta today and our plans to restore them, please forward them this e-mail or the links to our policy.

Before becoming Wildrose leader, I was a tireless advocate for property rights in Alberta. In fact, the disrespect to landowners in the current Land Use Framework, also known as Bill 36, was one of the biggest reasons I ran for the leadership of the Wildrose Alliance.

The caucus shares my passion for this issue. Using the Wildrose policy resolution to entrench property rights in the Alberta Bill of Rights as our starting point, we have consulted with policy experts, stakeholders, constituents, and everyday Albertans to develop a set of proposals that will restore true ownership to the landholders of Alberta.

However, as with all public policy, it is a work in progress. We welcome any feedback and additional policy resolutions that find responsible ways to respect property rights in the face of the important public goods that sometimes clash with individual freedoms.

Thank you so much for your support in this effort. We are all truly part of something very special happening in this province. Albertans want our province to lead again. Working together, I know we can make it happen.

Danielle Smith
Leader, Wildrose Party


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